What frames are in fashion in 2019-2020

Choose stylish glasses for a bright bow - find out which frames and shades of glass will be in fashion (photos of trending models), as well as what forms a female fashion recommends in 2019-2020. Glasses are a fashion accessory that can radically transform a woman’s image, subject to the right choice.

High Fashion 2019-2020

Fashion lawmakers present several colorful collections in each season, and this time we offer an overview of extravagant images and unconditional trends that high fashion 2019-2020 offers, as well as a lot of creative ideas in the photo shows of Haute Couture. As a rule, in the fall-winter season, fashion houses present three collections to the court of experts and regular customers: Pre-Fall - a small preliminary collection that outlines the main trends of the season; Pret-a-Porter - the main collection; Haute Couture - exclusive high fashion looks.

New Year's Eve 2020

The scenes for the New Year 2020, in a fun way, will help diversify the holding of this beloved holiday. 2020 is the year of the Rat, therefore, in addition to the traditional Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden or Baba Yaga, you can use other fairy-tale characters and, concurrently, the symbols of the year, rats and mice, in the script for the New Year's holiday production.

Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2020

If you monitor the condition and growth of hair, then you need a lunar calendar of haircuts for August 2020. The phases of the moon this month have a great influence on hair growth, so if you often experiment with hair, be careful. In addition, on some days of August, cutting is contraindicated, since such manipulations will not only negatively affect the length of the hair, but also on their condition (they will thin out and cut off faster).

Prospects for the development of Russia by 2020

According to the theses of long-term planning and the outlined development prospects of Russia, by 2020 it should be among the five leading countries in terms of GDP, improve economic indicators and solve the budget deficit problem, which will become a prerequisite for improving the well-being of citizens. To achieve these goals, the government initiated a series of reforms that will affect all segments of the economy and the social sector.

Lunar calendar for October 2020

Nowadays, every description and characteristic of lunar days is consistent with each other, they are time-tested. Despite the fact that the moon looks so small, it greatly affects the human body, its biorhythms, psyche, well-being, and various natural phenomena. The calendar we use is based on the teachings of ancient civilizations, taking into account modern science.

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DIY toys for the New Year 2020

DIY Christmas toys for 2020 are a great occasion to attract all members of your family to the process of preparing everyone’s favorite holiday. In addition to pleasantly spent hours, this lesson allows you to: significantly save family holiday expenses, since most products can be made from natural and waste material; to make many unique crafts that are not found anywhere else; reveal the creative potential of all participants in the process, thanks to which unique small masterpieces may appear.

The new supersonic passenger aircraft will be presented in 2020

The Russian supersonic airliner should be built in the next 2-3 years, TsAGI said back in 2018, in response to the president’s proposal to start developing this technology. The basis should be the ideas of modern domestic strategic bombers of a similar class, as well as what was already implemented in the Tu-144 several decades ago.

Movie Ghostbusters (2020)

Ghostbusters is a cult franchise. You can’t argue with that. It has become a real phenomenon of modern pop culture, having generated a lot of video and printed materials, awarded dozens of cameos and parallels. For the first time, sad Bill Murray in a funny gray jumpsuit with a patch on his shoulder, depicting crossed out handsome Casper, we had the pleasure of seeing in 1984.

Onion planting in 2020: calendar

In order to get a rich harvest of high-quality and tasty onions, you must follow the generally accepted rules for planting it and follow the lunar calendar. Since ancient times and today, people working with the earth have been guided by the phases of the celestial body, which affects the growth of plants. The sowing calendar of favorable and unfavorable days will differ from year to year, since it depends on the movement of the moon.

TOP expected series of 2020

Tracking the ups and downs of your favorite series is a familiar sport for most earthlings. This is not surprising, because the industry of long-playing sagas in recent years has reached a completely different level, offering a product for every taste and degree of patience. You can find both mega-epic long-playing soap operas and short works of literally dozens of episodes that are easily swallowed over the long weekend.

Assumption post in 2020

According to the holy scripture, the Mother of God knew in advance that she would soon leave the earthly world. Despite the fact that throughout her life she was a model of purity, holiness, before the end of her earthly journey, she began to prepare her soul for a meeting with God, cleansing her with fasting and prayers. The main and final day, the Assumption, is precisely a holiday, no matter how strange it may sound.

New Mazda 2019-2020

Cars of the Japanese Mazda brand are especially popular not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Such popularity is due to modern technical equipment and original appearance. In 2015, the company took 15th place in the world in the number of cars sold. Maintaining the number of sales encourages the release of new and restyled models of Japanese cars.

Cosmonautics Day 2020

Cosmonautics Day 2020 is one of the most popular dates in Russia, because the founder of the event was a feat committed on its territory. The Russian Federation, as a right the heir to the Union, is simply obliged to be proud of the heroes who came out of its land. On this day, all major cities of the country host various events that carry both educational and memorable functions.

Lunar calendar for September 2020

The location of the moon in September 2020 promises a complex and controversial period. This month is best to be on guard and not sit back in order to achieve success and results in at least something. The lunar calendar for September 2020 will help determine favorable and unfavorable days for health, relaxation and work.

What will be the winter of 2019-2020 in Russia

What will be the winter of 2019-2020 in Russia? This question is dictated by far from idle curiosity. Some of our compatriots living in the North and North-West region of the Russian Federation, when receiving an unfavorable forecast for the coming winter period, prefer to conduct it in countries with a warmer climate.

What Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals look like

There is exactly one year left before the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and the Organizing Committee (TOCOG) has finally unveiled the design of the medals to be presented at the Games next summer. Design Choice for Olympics 2020 Medals The design of the Olympic medals was chosen after a nationwide competition open to professional designers and design students.

Expedition to Mars in 2020

The expedition to Mars has repeatedly captured the attention of mankind, since the time of the space race in the 1960s. Now this is no longer a fantasy, but a matter of time and resources. In 2020, the missions of several organizations will start, which continue to prepare for the development of a new planet and bring closer the realization of the main goal - the colonization of Mars.